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Phone & Tablet Services


We have become dependent on our smartphone for many our daily tasks. Mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry technicians are needed to keep your devices running in excellent condition. Whether its maintenance, repair or setup of a new device we have all your needs covered.

7e Digital LLC is located in Tucson, AZ and is ready to service all of your smartphones and tablets. Schedule an on-site appointment online or give us a call at (520) 393-9299.


Have you dropped you device one too many times or changed a setting that has disrupted normal operation of your system? We have the experience to get your device back up and running.


Just got a new smartphone or tablet and don't know where to start? Let our experiences technicians guide you through the menus of your new device.


Harness the full power of your smart phone or tablet by rooting or jailbreaking your phone. Get the features your servicve provider has removed and gain the ability to run programs that require a rooted phone.
Some phones cannot be unlocked due to federal copyright law. We will see if your phone applies before scheduling an appointment.

Cracked Screens

You let the kids play Angry Birds and you got your device back with a broken screen? Don't worry, we can fix it. Usually for less then $100.

Battery Replacement or Optimization

Does your phone not last as long as it used to? We can determine if a setting or an app is causing your battery drain, or if it's just the end of your batteries life.

Virus & Malware Removal

Unfortunately Viruses & Malware aren't just for Windows PC's. Although virus infections in smart phones & tablets aren't as common on mobile devices it is possible for you phone to get infected with malware.  We can clean your system and install the latest virus scanning software on your phone to keep you safe in the future.